That All You Got?

That All You Got?

Posted by Mason Robinson on Jul 27th 2017


Hope you're day is going great!! One important question that you must ask yourself and use to check yourself... 

"Is that all you got?"

I am here to say whatever you feel like you have within you, you have way more. Life will bully you, push you around, chew you up and spit you out if you allow it. Regardless of your career, you will go through hardships. Many are working in a career that they hate. Not only because some don't know exactly what they want to do, but because when they had an opportunity to go for what they really want to do they either froze and backed out or they were denied and allowed that to be their excuse. 

Is that all it takes for you to never try again?

Many people allow life to dictate how they feel each day. As a person that wears his emotions on his sleeve, I choose to have a great day regardless of what's going on around me. ACL surgery... Great day!! Cut from the NFL... Great Day!! Grandfather passed away... Great day!! Was I hurt in each instance, of course I was, but that was not going to make me hang my head. Somebody is watching me and I will not give them an excuse to be down about anything. You may not agree, that's fine. Something I told my teammates in college (Rutgers football), to someone I'm worth being watched. Therefore, if I allow something to hurt me and keep me down, so will they. If I ever gave up and said enough is enough, then they or my kids will have a reason to say since Mason gave up, I can give up too. I CAN'T live with that. 

I'm Built for THIS!!

A phrase that I started using when things got tough was "I'm built for this!!" Whatever THIS is, I'm built to overcome it. You are too. Your job is stressing you or your kids are acting out of control. Take a deep breath and handle it. Does it take your boss saying to you one time for you to pack it in and say "I Quit?" What are you teaching your future or someone that's watching you? As a teacher, kids will act like they have no sense some days. Is that all it's going to take for you to say you hate teaching? Stop running and face the issue. See what you can do to get better. Find the positive in every situation.

In a heavy weight fight, I have never seen someone knock someone out in the first punch; however, I have seen one punch change the fight, if not end the fight (even if they were losing on the scorecards). Stay encouraged. The punches you land early on in the fight will come to help you later in the contest. Keep planting seeds. You got this. 

To answer the question: That is not all you have, you have so much more in you. You will be denied. You will be laughed at. You will go through worse than you could ever predict; however, if you weren't made for this, you wouldn't still be here today. Have a great day. Be Great!! Make someone smile today!! :)